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FL = 18 mm; 1/8 s; f/ 6.3; ISO 3200; 1/3 + diagonal composition. Shot at Telkom University, Bandung (24/8/2017).

CFM Radio Laboratory Pictorial Profile


Here comes doing a design photography again. This time we did that for our newly designed radio laboratory. I worked with 2 wonderful former students, Mbak Yosi and Kak Avi,  and 2 militant former laboratory assistants, Mas Qday and Mas Teddy. Four solid and helpful alumni cooperating in a joyful and cheerful  photography project and I was honoured to work together with them. Our campus radio laboratory called CFM (Communication FM). The lab supervised by Cak Viand Isword, accompanied by Om Lutfi Sani as the communication laboratory technician. You can access CFM on and you can also install its apps from Google Play, Blackberry World, and App Store.

dsc_0187  dsc_0151


Once and for all, thank you very much for:

Mas Qday (Rizky Pamungkas) who currently work at Detik Video.

Mas Teddy (Muhammad Teddy Yusuf Anwar) currently work as Sales and Marketing Specialist.

Mbak Yosi (Yosi Jannah Handoyo Abadi) currently work at Dentsu.

Kak Avi (Avianti Ali Saputri) currently work at Oglvy’s Young & Rubicam.

You’re all ‘Istimewa’!

dsc_0218 dsc_0219 dsc_0199






POM UAI 2016


In the mid of March 2016, Al Azhar University of Indonesia held students sport week or POM (Pekan Olahraga Mahasiswa). The students of six faculties have participated in soccer, futsal, and basketball competition : Science and Technology, Economics, Law, Psychology and Education, Literature, and Social and Political Science.  Here are some of the sport photographs :

dsc_1794-a  dsc_1813-a

dsc_1783  dsc_0196

dsc_0179 dsc_0691 dsc_1772

dsc_0008-a dsc_1818

We’d like to say thank you very much to a group of students whom have worked hard to held the sport week after a vacuum period for 3 years and all the students of UAI whom have been taking part of the sport week. We would see you again next year.



Half Solar Eclipse on Jakarta 2016


Gratefully, it was a bright morning so we were able to have a solar eclipse here at Indonesia. I was capturing some photographs of the half solar eclipse at Jakarta. The northern part of Indonesia such as Sumatera, Kalimantan/Borneo, northern Sulawesi, and Maluku had the total solar eclipse on this March 9th 2016. I took the moment on the 3rd floor of my boarding home.

DSC_0025 DSC_0052

I and some of my boarding home friends made a hand-made filter to reduce the dangerous beam of the solar eclipse by burning a ribben glass with a candle so we could make some spots of stains on it. Normally we could use a ND filter but because we are just a C class segment blue collar labor, we could only make the simplest method to make an artificial filter.

DSC_0074 DSC_0077

DSC_0073 DSC_0064

Of course, using a candle-stained glass is having a big weakness. The spots of the stains are not neat. We have to set the right stain spot in front of our lens and that would be our additional job to adjust the lightmeter in the different spots. The other weakness is the refraction of the beam in our frame so it’s a kind of wound or hitch in our photograph. Otherwise we can use that refraction hitch as another visual creativity we can play on in accidental way.

DSC_0102 DSC_0106

DSC_0110 DSC_0091

I cropped at about 30% of the actual frame except the earlier photograph of the eclipse with some antennas foreground, and of course when photographing my friends here. I also had an accidental moment when a butterfly was caught inside a frame.


Wish this post can make us be more grateful as well as more surrender to The Almighty God’s greatness.


The AVOF Cup 2016 Team


The Al Azhar University of Indonesia’s basketball team is going to hold an inter-faculty basketball cup on April 2016 called AFOV Cup 2016. That cup is inviting all the faculties at Al Azhar Univeristy of Indonesia to participate in the competition. The cup involves all male and female teams. AFOV stands for All Faculties, One Vision. There are 6 faculties in Al Azhar University of Indonesia (UAI): Science and Technology; Economics; Laws; Psychology and Education; Social and Politics, and; Literature.

I got involved in this students’ project in the early stage to make a promotional photography for the AFOV Cup promotional design. I photographed the basketball players of each faculties. I intendedly gave a more headroom because the visual promo designer would give the tagline, headline, and the body copy. Here there are the chosen photographs for the Cup promo :

DSC_0154 DSC_0138 DSC_0141

DSC_0158 DSC_0540 DSC_0182

It’s been such an honour for me to be included in the AFOV Cup committee. The players and the non-players students have been working hard regularly to hold the cup project. Salute and gratitude to Mas Ferdy, Mas Fauzan, Mbak Nida, Mbak Nada, Mas Fajri, Mbak Fina, Mbak Maurel, Mas Aldo, Mas Ilham, Mas Dennis, Mbak Agnes, Mbak Hani, and some more brothers and sisters at that basketball committee.

I’d also like to say thank you very much to Mas Edoardo Irfan, Mas Viand, Om Lutfi, Mas Teddy, and Mas Qiday for their kindness to lend us their laboratory for photographing and for the committee meeting.

DSC_0028 DSC_0177

DSC_0137 DSC_0147 DSC_0156

DSC_0180 DSC_0185



The Train Story VIII and Out-of-home Advertising


Greeting, everyone. It’s been months I haven’t been writing and posting again on this photoblog since September 2015. Phew. It’s quite a long time to be unproductive.

Happy new year! It’s the time to start this 2016 with a post series about train. It’s the 8th series of my Train Story feature photography. Actually I took this train trip photographs last year and I’ve been keeping it for one of my favorite photography hunting moment.

The first section is the Logawa train which serves Jember – Purwokerto route. It leaves at 5 a.m. from Jember station. Logawa is an air-conditioned economy class train. Because it leaves early in the morning, you would see some of sleeping passengers on the photographs.

DSC_6448  DSC_6438

DSC_6461  DSC_6445 A  DSC_6457

DSC_6484  DSC_6476  DSC_6499

DSC_6492  DSC_6456

DSC_6453  DSC_6509

DSC_6443 A

The 2nd section is about commuter line. I took the trip from Tangerang to Jatinegara. We usually call it KRL (Kereta Api Listrik) which means the electric powered train. Commuter line is an economic priced public transportation within Jabodetabek (Jakarta Bogor Depok Tangerang Bekasi). But I want to specialize or concentrate one thing in this commuter line section. It’s about outdoor/out-of-home advertising for the promotional feature on this commuter line. We can see a lot of promotional messages attached on this train.

Outdoor advertising, or todays usually called out-of-home (OOH) advertising in some advertising/marketing communications text books, is a form of advertising media vehicle where any promotional messages is placed outside our home or on any public area. Moriarty, Mitchell, and Wells categorized OOH advertising in a ‘place based’ paid media – which means ad placement by time and space are bought by companies or organization (Moriarty, Mitchell, Wells, 2015 : 341).

Train as a public transportation vehicle, is strategic advertising media placement to promote or to inform brands or corporates messages to a large group of target audience because its high crowd of people especially when people are going to school or work and the time when they go home. Arens, Weigold, and Arens described about inside and outside posters in transit advertising. Transit advertising is a category of out-of-home media that target people who use commercial transportation, pedestrians, and passengers. Inside posters/cards are placed inside the vehicles, while outside posters are printed on the front, side, or rear of the vehicles(Arens, Weigold, Arens, 2013 : 510 – 512). We could see the Bank BRI poster outside the train, then AP Boot Moto, Bank BRI Brizzi, and Family Mart inside the train here.

DSC_6511  DSC_6526  DSC_6523

Clow and Baack mentioned some of the advantages and the disadvantages of OOH advertising. The advantages : Selected key geographic areas; accessible for local ads; low cost; broad reach; high frequency on commuter routes; large visual. While the disadvantages : short time of exposure; brief messages; little segmentation; and clutter (Clow, Baack, 2014 : 238).

Wish you a comprehensive watching and reading on this one, wish you have a nice train trips, and wish you a better year this 2016, everyone.

References :

Arens, Williams F., Michael F. Weigold, Christian Arens. (2013). Contemporary Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications, 14th ed. New York : McGraw-Hill Irwin.

Clow, Kenneth E., Donald Baack. (2014). Integrated Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing Communications, 6th ed. Essex : Pearson.

Moriarty, Sandra, Nancy Mitchell, William Wells. (2015). Advertising & IMC : Principles and Practice, 10th ed. Essex : Pearson.


The 70th Indonesia Independence Day Ceremony



This August 17th is my country’s 70th Independence Day. A date when we commemorate our independence from Netherlands’ 350 years imperialism in August 17th 1945. I attended the Independence Day ceremony at Al Azhar Grand Mosque field and I took some photographs of it.

DSC_9701 A  DSC_9717 A

DSC_9726 A  DSC_9722 A

DSC_9729 A DSC_9747 A DSC_9741



Mid-Ramadhan Full Moon 2015

Moonlight Combo A

July 2nd of 2015 is the mid of Ramadhan month. The mid of Ramadhan is signified by the full moon in the sky. The 15th night of Ramadhan means that the moslems in the world has been passing the half of Ramadhan shaum (fasting) month. Alhamdulillaah, praise to Allah, that the 2nd July night is clear. I could go to the top of my boarding home to take some photographs of the beautiful full moon. I was forced to set the aperture in -3 stop to achieve the stability from the handshake by the speed and the aperture which I set in a bigger number to catch the moon’s depth. I also captured some frames of the full moon in some different white-balance. I cropped the photographs in 30% or 70% from the actual photo file.

DSC_8909 B  DSC_8918 B

DSC_8922 B  DSC_8926 B

I personally say to every moslem in the world : Wish you a blessed Ramadhan shaum this year, a better future in your life spiritually, and a better success in your life.

The New Drinking Experiments of Antiloops Ribs Corner


One of my bestfriend, Mas June Ibrahim, has a new business development. His new business is a restaurant and still using Antiloops brand. Its name is Antiloops Ribs Corner. The restaurant is located at Jl. Dharmawangsa IX. No 1 South Jakarta. Once I went there, he experimented about some beverages. I couldn’t recall the names but I was honoured to take some photographs of those new drinkings. One thing for sure is those drinks are halal, non alcoholic ones. But actually we were unlucky to take the photographs in a low quality feature because I was setting the ISO at 3200 for the low intensity lighting condition. One smart move by Mas June was that he initiation to use a power bank flashlight to fill-in the lighting. Here are some of the photographs :

DSC_8811  DSC_8829  DSC_8873

I do apologize to Mas June and Mas Awal from Antiloops because the real visual outputs were not too satisfying. My Nikon D5000 has been too old. Its white balance and metering are not normal anymore and the noise is too disgusting to see in detail. But thank you for the opportunity to photograph your corner’s new recipes.

DSC_8852 The fill-in lighting using a power bank flashlight. Idea by Mas June Ibrahim.

Antiloops Ribs Corner opens from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. We can find its social media on

DSC_8857  DSC_8887

Nurul Imaniar – The Indonesian International Sprinter


Everyone, let’s meet Nurul Imaniar. An international sprinter from Indonesia. It was my first time to take some photographs of a famous public figure that I know in person. I took her in Communication Science Department of Al Azhar University of Indonesia. Actually the photo session was a part of the campus’ regular promotion program but in the end of the session I hijacked her for my personal portfolio and blogpost content. Sorry and thanks to Om Rakhmat Suwandi, Om Ade Miraj, Tante Dini, and Mbak Dina Rachma from UAI division of promotion.

DSC_8415  DSC_8433  DSC_8438

Nurul was born at Mataram, Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB) 17th of October 1993. She is the eldest and the only female of 4 children. She previously played badminton but then turned to athletics when she was in her junior high school. Her achievements are :

– Bronze medal of Asia Junior Championship 4 X 100 m.

– Silver medal of Sea Games 4 X 100 m (2011)

– Gold medal in 100 m Vietnam Open and Singapore Open (2011)

– Bronze medal in Asian Grand Prix (2013)

– Personal best record for 100 m sprint is 11,87 s.

She is currently in her knee injury recovery and also working for her undergraduate thesis in communication science. We wish you well and graduate soon, our fabulous sister. Thank you for the chance to click you in front of the camera. It’s been an honour for me. And thank you for Om Arya Dianta and Mas Bagus for the photography reviews and critics about this session.

DSC_8421  DSC_8418

We can follow Nurul Imaniar in her Twitter :