Mid-Ramadhan Full Moon 2015

Moonlight Combo A

July 2nd of 2015 is the mid of Ramadhan month. The mid of Ramadhan is signified by the full moon in the sky. The 15th night of Ramadhan means that the moslems in the world has been passing the half of Ramadhan shaum (fasting) month. Alhamdulillaah, praise to Allah, that the 2nd July night is clear. I could go to the top of my boarding home to take some photographs of the beautiful full moon. I was forced to set the aperture in -3 stop to achieve the stability from the handshake by the speed and the aperture which I set in a bigger number to catch the moon’s depth. I also captured some frames of the full moon in some different white-balance. I cropped the photographs in 30% or 70% from the actual photo file.

DSC_8909 B  DSC_8918 B

DSC_8922 B  DSC_8926 B

I personally say to every moslem in the world : Wish you a blessed Ramadhan shaum this year, a better future in your life spiritually, and a better success in your life.


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