CFM Radio Laboratory Pictorial Profile


Here comes doing a design photography again. This time we did that for our newly designed radio laboratory. I worked with 2 wonderful former students, Mbak Yosi and Kak Avi,  and 2 militant former laboratory assistants, Mas Qday and Mas Teddy. Four solid and helpful alumni cooperating in a joyful and cheerful  photography project and I was honoured to work together with them. Our campus radio laboratory called CFM (Communication FM). The lab supervised by Cak Viand Isword, accompanied by Om Lutfi Sani as the communication laboratory technician. You can access CFM on and you can also install its apps from Google Play, Blackberry World, and App Store.

dsc_0187  dsc_0151


Once and for all, thank you very much for:

Mas Qday (Rizky Pamungkas) who currently work at Detik Video.

Mas Teddy (Muhammad Teddy Yusuf Anwar) currently work as Sales and Marketing Specialist.

Mbak Yosi (Yosi Jannah Handoyo Abadi) currently work at Dentsu.

Kak Avi (Avianti Ali Saputri) currently work at Oglvy’s Young & Rubicam.

You’re all ‘Istimewa’!

dsc_0218 dsc_0219 dsc_0199






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