The Train Story VIII and Out-of-home Advertising


Greeting, everyone. It’s been months I haven’t been writing and posting again on this photoblog since September 2015. Phew. It’s quite a long time to be unproductive.

Happy new year! It’s the time to start this 2016 with a post series about train. It’s the 8th series of my Train Story feature photography. Actually I took this train trip photographs last year and I’ve been keeping it for one of my favorite photography hunting moment.

The first section is the Logawa train which serves Jember – Purwokerto route. It leaves at 5 a.m. from Jember station. Logawa is an air-conditioned economy class train. Because it leaves early in the morning, you would see some of sleeping passengers on the photographs.

DSC_6448  DSC_6438

DSC_6461  DSC_6445 A  DSC_6457

DSC_6484  DSC_6476  DSC_6499

DSC_6492  DSC_6456

DSC_6453  DSC_6509

DSC_6443 A

The 2nd section is about commuter line. I took the trip from Tangerang to Jatinegara. We usually call it KRL (Kereta Api Listrik) which means the electric powered train. Commuter line is an economic priced public transportation within Jabodetabek (Jakarta Bogor Depok Tangerang Bekasi). But I want to specialize or concentrate one thing in this commuter line section. It’s about outdoor/out-of-home advertising for the promotional feature on this commuter line. We can see a lot of promotional messages attached on this train.

Outdoor advertising, or todays usually called out-of-home (OOH) advertising in some advertising/marketing communications text books, is a form of advertising media vehicle where any promotional messages is placed outside our home or on any public area. Moriarty, Mitchell, and Wells categorized OOH advertising in a ‘place based’ paid media – which means ad placement by time and space are bought by companies or organization (Moriarty, Mitchell, Wells, 2015 : 341).

Train as a public transportation vehicle, is strategic advertising media placement to promote or to inform brands or corporates messages to a large group of target audience because its high crowd of people especially when people are going to school or work and the time when they go home. Arens, Weigold, and Arens described about inside and outside posters in transit advertising. Transit advertising is a category of out-of-home media that target people who use commercial transportation, pedestrians, and passengers. Inside posters/cards are placed inside the vehicles, while outside posters are printed on the front, side, or rear of the vehicles(Arens, Weigold, Arens, 2013 : 510 – 512). We could see the Bank BRI poster outside the train, then AP Boot Moto, Bank BRI Brizzi, and Family Mart inside the train here.

DSC_6511  DSC_6526  DSC_6523

Clow and Baack mentioned some of the advantages and the disadvantages of OOH advertising. The advantages : Selected key geographic areas; accessible for local ads; low cost; broad reach; high frequency on commuter routes; large visual. While the disadvantages : short time of exposure; brief messages; little segmentation; and clutter (Clow, Baack, 2014 : 238).

Wish you a comprehensive watching and reading on this one, wish you have a nice train trips, and wish you a better year this 2016, everyone.

References :

Arens, Williams F., Michael F. Weigold, Christian Arens. (2013). Contemporary Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications, 14th ed. New York : McGraw-Hill Irwin.

Clow, Kenneth E., Donald Baack. (2014). Integrated Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing Communications, 6th ed. Essex : Pearson.

Moriarty, Sandra, Nancy Mitchell, William Wells. (2015). Advertising & IMC : Principles and Practice, 10th ed. Essex : Pearson.



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