Hi Everyone

Welcome to my blog. Here you can see and enjoy some of my portfolio. Just click on my pages :-)

Greetings everyone. Here are some of the photographs I’ve taken from some beautiful places I visited and the wonderful moments I got. Hope you enjoy them as I did when I was capturing those all with all my love and my passion about photography

Please, leave a comment because it’s very usefully important for my development and improvement in photography. Thanks so much indeed

Best regards,

Zakaria L. S.


nina-mega-mid-eastern-europe-4.jpg holcim-jogjakarta-profile.jpg Sunset on Bengawan Solo 2 max-magazine-fashion-coloumn-2.jpg

nina-mega-mid-eastern-europe-3.jpg Sunset on Bengawan Solo 3 indra-wicaksono-profile.jpg max-magazine-fashion-coloumn-4.jpg Deny the Thrill

Staring at You Close-up of a Lotus Liong Dancer Across the River

Reog Flute Player 1 Sunset on Bengawan Solo nina-mega-mid-eastern-europe-1.jpg moon-and-mosque.jpg

max-magazine-fashion-coloumn-1.jpg Sunset from the Train Barongsai max-magazine-fashion-coloumn-3.jpg

nina-mega-mid-eastern-europe-2.jpg sunset-on-parangkusumo-beach.jpg Reog Flute Player 2 german-girl-ugm-foreign-student.jpg

7 thoughts on “MY WARM WELCOME TO YOU

    • Thank you very much, Natali. I’m honoured to receive an opinion like that 🙂 But then I hope I can improve my photography to be better.

  1. Those photos are fantastic, Jacky. But some of the links are broken, you may have to try to post the photos again. My favourite is the mosque with the moon – WOW, so spirtual. Happy snapping!! (^_^)

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