The New Drinking Experiments of Antiloops Ribs Corner


One of my bestfriend, Mas June Ibrahim, has a new business development. His new business is a restaurant and still using Antiloops brand. Its name is Antiloops Ribs Corner. The restaurant is located at Jl. Dharmawangsa IX. No 1 South Jakarta. Once I went there, he experimented about some beverages. I couldn’t recall the names but I was honoured to take some photographs of those new drinkings. One thing for sure is those drinks are halal, non alcoholic ones. But actually we were unlucky to take the photographs in a low quality feature because I was setting the ISO at 3200 for the low intensity lighting condition. One smart move by Mas June was that he initiation to use a power bank flashlight to fill-in the lighting. Here are some of the photographs :

DSC_8811  DSC_8829  DSC_8873

I do apologize to Mas June and Mas Awal from Antiloops because the real visual outputs were not too satisfying. My Nikon D5000 has been too old. Its white balance and metering are not normal anymore and the noise is too disgusting to see in detail. But thank you for the opportunity to photograph your corner’s new recipes.

DSC_8852 The fill-in lighting using a power bank flashlight. Idea by Mas June Ibrahim.

Antiloops Ribs Corner opens from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. We can find its social media on

DSC_8857  DSC_8887


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