Nurul Imaniar – The Indonesian International Sprinter


Everyone, let’s meet Nurul Imaniar. An international sprinter from Indonesia. It was my first time to take some photographs of a famous public figure that I know in person. I took her in Communication Science Department of Al Azhar University of Indonesia. Actually the photo session was a part of the campus’ regular promotion program but in the end of the session I hijacked her for my personal portfolio and blogpost content. Sorry and thanks to Om Rakhmat Suwandi, Om Ade Miraj, Tante Dini, and Mbak Dina Rachma from UAI division of promotion.

DSC_8415  DSC_8433  DSC_8438

Nurul was born at Mataram, Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB) 17th of October 1993. She is the eldest and the only female of 4 children. She previously played badminton but then turned to athletics when she was in her junior high school. Her achievements are :

– Bronze medal of Asia Junior Championship 4 X 100 m.

– Silver medal of Sea Games 4 X 100 m (2011)

– Gold medal in 100 m Vietnam Open and Singapore Open (2011)

– Bronze medal in Asian Grand Prix (2013)

– Personal best record for 100 m sprint is 11,87 s.

She is currently in her knee injury recovery and also working for her undergraduate thesis in communication science. We wish you well and graduate soon, our fabulous sister. Thank you for the chance to click you in front of the camera. It’s been an honour for me. And thank you for Om Arya Dianta and Mas Bagus for the photography reviews and critics about this session.

DSC_8421  DSC_8418

We can follow Nurul Imaniar in her Twitter :


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