Dina Rachmadiarti


Once a photographer team had a photo session at photography laboratory of communication science major, Al Azhar University of Indonesia. There were me, Om Rakhmat Suandi, Om Ade Miraj, Om Anggi, and Mbak Dina Rachmadiarti whom had a photo session for auditioning some models for my campus visual promo and web content. We photographed more than 10 models and some majors iconic accessories. Then we had a time to take some shots of the only female and the most beautiful photographer of our team (of course the other photographer are handsome). Her name is Dina Rachmadiarti.

Dina Rachmadiarti or Dina, is an alumnus and she works as  PR officer in our campus. She handles our campus press releases, photo documentation, and news content for our website. We set 2-3 softboxes for the photo session. Here are some of the photographs :


DSC_6856  DSC_6977   DSC_6859

DSC_6854  DSC_6981  DSC_6971



DSC_6988  DSC_6992  DSC_6994

Thanks to Om Rakhmat, Om Ade, Om Anggi, and Mbak Dina for the pleasuring photo session. Thanks to Mas Edo and Mas Viand for the photography laboratory access and availability.


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