My 100th Post : Our Campus News Room Laboratory


Welcome to the Al Azhar University of Indonesia new communication science laboratory. We have just set a new lab : news room laboratory. It functions as a lab for practicing journalism subjects and as a meeting room. I tried to make a pretest profile photography using 3 softboxes. My first impression of the photographs was that the visualizations looked too flat in term of the lighting. Hopefully I could have another chance to make a better profile or interior photography of this laboratory.

DSC_8028 Healed

Then let’s meet our Department of Communication Science chief, Mr. Edoardo Irfan, S.IP, M.Si. He lectures and is an expert of political communication, semiotics studies, postmodernism studies, and film studies. I intentionally set the camera in low speed set and warm white balance to capture the yellow light of the exhibition lamp that beam the chess wall decoration in the left-top of the photograph and to warm the red colour of the chair.

After some minutes of the photo session, then I kidnapped two pupils to get into the session. They were Avianti Ali Saputri and Hanny Maula whom act as Mas Edo subordinates in the news room. I would like to thank you to Mas Edo as our chief, to Mas Viand and Mas Rangga as the laboratory officers and as the lighting assistants, and also to Mbak Avianti and Mbak Hanny for their kindness to be our accidental and spontaneous models.



2 thoughts on “My 100th Post : Our Campus News Room Laboratory

  1. Ah keren banget sekarang, Mas. Ini lab tempat bobok bobok nginep KOH, ganti baju LabsFC, modus2 belajar, bikin prakarya pada masanya. Jadi rindu awak :((((

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