Chicken Claw Noodle of Pakdhe Misran

DSC_7034 A  DSC_7042 A  DSC_7055 A

Meet Pakdhe Misran on the road side of Al Azhar University of Indonesia. His chicken claw noodle is very popular there. He has been cooking and selling himself for more than 25 years. The marvelous side of his story is that by only selling the noodle, he could finance his 2 children to go to the college then graduated and became successful persons. His first daughter has become a sales manager of Walls ice cream, the younger one has become a doctor. But Pakdhe (which means ‘uncle’) still does his noodle business in a pavement. Don’t ask for a friendly and smile service from him because he’s a bit boiled-characteristic man. But he can serve your order fast and his noodle is so yummy.

I tried to make a design photography for his well-known chicken claw noodle at the communication science’s photography lab of Al Azhar University of Indonesia. I set 4 soft-boxes and I placed the noodle on a still-life table.

DSC_7070 A  The rear and the below soft-boxes are set on +2  stops. The rear one was for ‘burning’ the claw, the meatball, and the grilled chilli sauce back surface, then the below one is for ‘floating’ the bowl. The left-side-top and the right front-side-top one are the main lights.

DSC_7073 A

Pakdhe Misran chicken claw noodle at Al Azhar University of Indonesia’ back road with 2 meatballs, 1 chicken claw and a really hot and biting grilled chilli sauce for Rp 15.000.



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