Meet Mr Poerwanto and His Books

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This is my parent, Mr Poerwanto and Mrs Pudji Astuti. I took their picture after Ied Fitr prayer. Happy Ied Mubarak. Please, we do apologize for our faults and mistakes sincerely and thank you in advance for forgiving us.

This time I want to post about my father, Mr Poerwanto. He usually is called Pak (Mr.) Poer by his students in 2000s until the last time he retired from lecturing ,or Mas (big brother) Poer by his colleagues, his senior students, and by his basketball community friends. He was a lecturer at Business Administration program, Faculty of Social and Political Science, University of Jember. Todays, he spend his retirement times by taking care of orchid and kamboja flowers while sometimes selling them to whom are interested, and writing books.

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Well now allow me to promote his books in this post. He has written three text books relating to his subjects when he was lecturing : New Business Administration, Budaya Perusahaan (Corporate Culture), and Corporate Social Responsibility. Let me share those books photographs and their contents here.

New Business Administration : Paradigma Baru Pengelolaan Bisnis di Era Dunia Tanpa Batas (New Business Administration : A New Paradigm of Business Supervision in the Limitless World Era)

New Business Administration is Pak Poer’s first book. It was published in 2006 by Pustaka Pelajar Yogyakarta. Pak Poer wrote this New Business Administration based on the dynamics of business process, economy, and life quality in the world after millenium. Having described the business administration definitions from 1982 – 2000, neo-futurist elements from Kenichi Ohmae,  and the cases about Jawa Pos and Starbuck, he then proposed his definition about new business administration as “an overall co-operation process of production which are needed and wanted by the customer to the distribution with gaining and giving profit in balanced, responsible, and sustainable to the customer” (Poerwanto, 2006 : 75).

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Poerwanto. (2006). New Business Administration : Paradigma Baru Pengelolaan Bisnis di Era Dunia Tanpa Batas. Yogyakarta : Pustaka Pelajar

Contents (translated to English):

I. Administrasi Bisnis sebagai Fenomena Sosial (Business Administration as Social Phenomenon)

II. Bisnis dan Ilmu Administrasi Bisnis (Business and Business Administration Science)

III. Tanggung Jawab Sosial dan Etika Bisnis (Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics)

IV. Kewirausahaan  (Entrepreneurship)

V. Kebijakan Administrasi Bisnis (Business Administration Policy)

VI. Pengelolaan Sumber Daya Manusia (Human Resource Management)

VII. Kebijakan Pemasaran (Marketing Policy)

VIII. Bisnis dalam Dunia Tanpa Batas (Business in the Limitless World)

Budaya Perusahaan (Corporate Culture)

Budaya Perusahaan is Pak Poer’s second book published in 2008 by Pustaka Pelajar. It is a text book that actually develops his previous researches about Pos Indonesia and Telkom plus cases studies of some global corporates. In its back-cover, he wrote “Corporate culture is a latent power behind the tangible assets in every organization as well as the social energy to direct the organizational behavior. Culture has a significant role in adaptation process to the external environment and the internal integration. Culture functions as the corporate’s moral in controlling the global chance. The question is how does corporate culture begin, operate, and set to be the moral guidance in the corporate’s structural networking and management?”

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Poerwanto. (2008). Budaya Perusahaan. Yogyakarta : Pustaka Pelajar

Contents (translated to English) :

I. Pemahaman terhadap Perilaku dan Budaya Perusahaan (Understanding Corporate Behavior and Culture)

II. Implementasi Budaya (Implementation of Culture)

III. Menanggapi Perubahan Organisasi (Responding to Organizational Change)

IV. Kebijakan, Manajemen Pengetahuan, dan Skenario (Policy, Knowledge Management, and Scenario)

V. Budaya Perusahaan sebagai Moral Usaha (Corporate Culture as Moral)

Corporate Social Responsibility : Menjinakkan Gejolak Sosial di Era Pornografi (Corporate Social Responsibility : Taming the Social Turmoil in the Pornographic Era)

There was a funny thing happened before Pak Poer’s third book published. Pak Poer asked me about what pornography was because at that time there was a popular discourse in Indonesia about Anti Pornography Law and my thesis was a bit concerning about that. Thus his Corporate Social Responsibility was published. I was surprised. I asked him that what the connection between CSR and pornography was, while I didn’t read any case about pornography and media corporate involved in his third book. He just explained to me that the publisher would publish the same theme about CSR as Pak Poer’s. The publisher asked Pak Poer to revise and add another topic in his writing. So he just added a subchapter about pornography and then proposed his own definition about pornography as “an immoral act or thought that makes others sad, anxious, disappointed, angry, or degraded psychologically, culturally, and sociologically” (Poerwanto, 2010 : 14). He said that he was confused to write any topic to add and to revise his CSR book. He just wrote about pornography as the additional revision because he was so busy with his campus stuffs, retirement concern, and about batik trading so he was blank of idea to develop. We had a good joke and laugh about that anyway then. His CSR book is just a common text book explanation (with a special subchapter about pornography as its unique-selling-proposition, I guess).

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Poerwanto. (2010). Corporate Social Responsibility : Menjinakkan Gejolak Sosial di Era Pornografi. Yogyakarta : Pustaka Pelajar.

Contents (tranlated to English)

I. Inspiration

II. Interaction

III. Marketing

IV. Spiritual

V. Scenario

I used manual setting and focusing on the camera with manually over-exposing the lighting because the ambient/available light was not bright for that cloudy day. I intentionally set some flowers and green leaves as the background to relate the book to my father’s recent activity as a pensioner. We also would like to say thank you very much to Pustaka Pelajar Yogyakarta in this post for helping Pak Poer’s book publishing. He is writing for another theme about contemporary business adminstration landscape and hopefully will be delivered to you soon. Matur sembah nuwun sanget, Pustaka Pelajar.

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    • Buku New Administration Business itu sudah lama. Semoga masih ada di toko buku. Atau Mas Arha bisa pinjam/baca di perpustakaan Universitas Al Azhar Indonesia. Di sana ditaruh 2 buku New Business Administration itu. Terima kasih sebelumnya, Mas Arha,

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