Snapshots from Ied Fitr Prayer

DSC_6335 A

July 28th 2014 was the 1435 Ied Fitr date. It is also named as Syawal 1st day. Ied Fitr or Ied Mubarak is a holy date and day for moslems in the world when we finally finish our fasting/shaum for a month previously. The tradition in Indonesia is meeting the moslems one another to ask forgiveness and to give mercy. In other word, we forgive one another among moslem people. But before we practice that tradition, we must have the Ied Fitr prayer on a vast field early in the morning at the Syawal 1st.

This year, me and my family had the Ied Fitr prayer at Muhammadiyah University of Jember. I brought my DSLR to capture some snapshots there. Here they are for you. Wish I could get some critics of my photographs because I haven’t been taking human interest photographs and honestly I feel my skill has been degrading so much.

DSC_6309 A  DSC_6323 A

DSC_6324 A  DSC_6326 A

DSC_6330 A  DSC_6339 A

Thus least but not last, “Happy Ied Mubarak 1435/2014, wishing and giving sincere forgiveness among us”. Thank you in advance.

DSC_6331 A


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