Maxtron IP67-1

DSC_6295 A

Allow me to share my new cellphone : Maxtron IP67-1. This made in China cellphone is shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof. I bought it for Rp 550.000 from Grand Cellular shop at Jl. Jawa 28A Jember – East Java ( It is a trusted gadget and phone shop at Jember and on its e-commerce. I and my father have been Grand Cellular loyal customers for years and we have bought 3 stuffs there.

DSC_6267 A  DSC_6264 A

The cellphone body made of plastic and rubber. We need to use a thin coin or a flat/minus screwdriver to open the battery and simcardcap. Then I found this Maxtron IP67-1 uniqueness. I tested it inside our bath under a flowing water tap and I saw it was floating. We can see that from the left-below photograph here. It’s very different from my previous water-dustproof cellphone, Samsung C3350 X Cover II. We can see at the right-below photograph here where in a glass full of water Maxtron is floating while Samsung (the gray-black one) is drowning.

DSC_6278 A  DSC_6283 A

Wish this would be a longlife cellphone for me and this Maxtron IP67-1 photographic testimony is useful for you whom is interested about adventure cellphones.


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