Dusk at the Top of a Mosque

DSC_6230 A

When I came out from my campus at 5.30 p.m., I saw a man repairing something at the top of Masjid Agung (The Grand Mosque) next to the campus. I ran to the lab to take the camera then I came back again to the campus yard. I used my manual 70-210 mm tele lens then I took some photograph of that man on the top of the mosque.

DSC_6231 A  DSC_6232 A

When Maghrib (dusk) adzan announced, it was time for iftar (fasting break). The sun has hid from the sky and everyone had a meal to break our Ramadhan shaum (fasting) this month. But that man still was on top of the mosque. I saw him still repairing something there. He hasn’t broken his shaum yet. When everyone had a good and smiley iftar time, he cancelled his iftar and he still had to finished his job to make our mosque good. Do we often ignore a visible forgotten thing in our life?

DSC_6241 A



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