Antiloops Streetwear III


This is gratefully for the third time we have another photo session again with Antiloops Streetwear. Antiloops reveals some of its new collections and we have Mas June (as the owner of Antiloops Streetwear), our lovely friend Mbak Nuke – who had just been graduated in communication science major and congratulation for that – as our guest model, and Mas Awal as the stylist. It’s been months I had not held the camera and I got stiff hand and not fair enough view to have the photo session. Here are some of the photographs :

DSC_5515 DSC_5477 DSC_5493

DSC_5606 DSC_5463 DSC_5622

DSC_5554 DSC_5454 DSC_5644

Mas Awal is actually a radio presenter and producer at 92.9 FM Solo Radio. But as our bestfriend, he helped us to be an accidental stylist – of course with his narcissistic nature.

DSC_5637 DSC_5436 DSC_5679

DSC_5721 DSC_5447 DSC_5562

DSC_5695 DSC_5823 DSC_5745

DSC_5697 DSC_5443 DSC_5590

DSC_5675 DSC_5587 DSC_5658

Thanks a lot to Mas June, Mbak Nuke, and Mas Awal for the joyful session. It’s been a fun and an honour to work with all of you.

DSC_5660 DSC_5758

DSC_5794 DSC_5783 Pin: 7D6D548E


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