Scanning the Past Film Beauty Photography

Fitri 2

When I was at my hometown recently, I found a box of old photographs. It consisted of some my humaliating photographs (which have been uploaded into my Facebook) and some of my model photography portfolio. Well, it’s been very long time ago when I was working at photography lab of communication science, Faculty of Social and Political Science, Gadjah Mada University. I might be a bit lucky to learn photography and lighting in the photography lab there in the marvelous and humble Mr Setiawan and Mr Tjandra S. Buana class, whom were the great photographers from Yogyakarta. Thus I had some lucky moment to join the favorite session : model/fashion/beauty photography.

I shared you some of my past photographs here when I was still using 135 mm film. I scanned the pictures and I do apologise for some bad papers display. And I do apologise too because I forget the name of some models here so I will name them in an identified title for each photographs. Maybe someone would be kind to help me remind their names so then I will attach their name in this blogpost as my apreciation for them.

Sociology Girl 1 Advert Girl 2 Fitri 1

Advert Girl Febby 3 Sociology Girl 2

Advert Girl 3 Febby 2

Fitri 3 Febby 1 Advert Girl 4

Ian 1 Ian 2

Thank you very much for everyone at Photography Division Communication Laboratory, Gadjah Mada University. Great and humble thanks to Pak Tjandra, Pak Setiawan, and the photomodels here.


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