Creepy Silhouette


Do you like frightening or creepy visualization? Fear excitement could be such an approach in visual art. That’s what I, Mas Tryas, and Mas Fickry tried to explore and to show this time about creating horrid imagery through an artistic but natural way of studio photography. The strategical concept is simple : using a softbox on the back axis of the object, using silhouette technique, then setting the accessiories and our body parts to scare visually. Plus, these were non edited and non digital imaging construction.

The photograph above was created by visualizing Mas Fickry who acted as a hung man with the tie which was actually handed by Mas Tryas above him.


See? Mas Tryas was trying and acting to make hands came out of his mouth. Just measure the softbox opposite to our camera as the only mainlight. OK. Let’s see the other samples of our creepy silhouette below.

DSC_4591 DSC_4598

The right picture was taken by Mas Fickry (who became the model in the left picture). It is Mas Tryas acted as a witch and I held a barndoor over his head from behind his back.


Aaargh! A hand came out from my mouth. I’ve been cursed!

I was photographed by Mas Fickry. That was Mas Tryas’ hand set in front of the softbox as “the alien hand”. Mas Tryas was hiding behind my back. We set to use other’s hand because I got my own hand into the frame to simulate “the alien hand”. We failed to fold my hand on the previous shots, then Mas Tryas was very smart to set his hand there and Mas Fickry took the angle ingeniously so then the shot was finally successful.

Thank you very much to my bestfriends and my brothers Mas Tryas, Mas Bram, and Mas Fickry for making this madness of photography happened.

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