The Sunsets Narrative


Mothers and fathers going home through the dawn.

Birds flying back to their of clay and grass shelters.

Evening wind blows lullaby thanking the sun.

As the king of constellation tiring for walking along the day.

DSC_3609 DSC_3611

God paints the canvass by the clouds.

The king smiles then rays to colours the day’s end.

As people finish bathing their body.

The king slowly leaving the painting as the goodbye waves.

DSC_3617 DSC_3623

The sunset series taken near my home at Jember, a few days before I went back to Jakarta in the end of August 2013. I set 2 stops under-exposure compensation to reveal the silhouette of the trees and the land. Those photographs above were in raw or unedited form. Like the sun closes the day with sunset, I leave for you down here a 1200 X 800 pixels sunset wallpaper in Orthon and Lomo design so you can save or download it for your computer’s wallpaper.

DSC_3622 Sunset Wallpaper


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