Culinary Photography for Mang Pendi Cipondoh


There is a new eating spot at Cipondoh, Tangerang named Warung Mang Pendi. Mang Pendi is a hot/biting taste specialist since the strong chilli in its every recipe. Mang Pendi also has some special culinary : baked rice and bamboo rice. I had an opportunity and a good luck to take Mang Pendi culinary photography for its promotional purposes. Because of not having any professional lighting equipment, I used a flash and I made an emergency flash bouncer using some photo papers combined by sticky tape as a proletarian reflector. It is simple, cheap, and foldable so it can be brought in our bag.

DSC_3471 A

As usual, I set a manual white balance in some photographs to get the colour warmer and +1 over exposure to trigger a visual deliciousness. I asked the chef not to toast the chicken too ripe so the chicken weren’t too dark in the camera. We also used oil and brush to wipe the bamboo, the rice to reveal the shinny or glowing appearence at the food. Here are the Mang Pendi culinary photographs in pre-edited form :

DSC_3031 DSC_3070

DSC_3056 DSC_3097

And here it is my favorite one there. It’s called “oseng-oseng mercon”. It contains beef slices and 12 chilli. So hot and biting! I had a sweat shower and tears fell from my eyes when I ate this culinary. I could dare say that its biting taste is ORGASMIC!


Thank you for Mas Deny Triyono and Mas Pratomo Nugroho (Kang Momo) for giving me chance and trust to take a culinary photography session with my limited skill and capability for your restaurant. And thank you again for being my assistants to hold the proletarian reflector. ISTIMEWA!



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