Hijab and Hijabers


It was actually in March of 2013 I photographed a launching ceremony of UAI Hijab Community at Al Azhar University of Indonesia. It’s a community of Islamic female students to enhance the gathering, solidarity, and as a communicative community for muslimah world.

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The ceremony was attended by some important participants : Nina Septiani – the World Muslimah Beauty 2012 winner; Dr. Yo Nanako – a researcher from Keio University, Japan; and, Risty Tagor – a celebrity. The launch contained some opening speeches, a discussion about hijab and hijabers current movement, hijab fashion show, a session of dressing tutorial, and a dressing contest.

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In my humble opinion, there is a market opportunity about hijab and hijabers world. According to Indonesia Statistics Bureau (www.bps.go.id) there is 49.63 % women population in Indonesia from 237 641 326 total population (from 2010 census data). Thus, there is 87.26 % or 102 980 379 of that number are muslimah. By playing statistics number from the BPS website, plus based on reffering John W. Santrock’s about late adolescene and emerging adulthood ages (Santrock, 2007 : 17-19),  plus browsing about hijabers websites and online news, plus based on reffering Bernard T. Widjaja’s writing about lifestyle (Widjaja : 2009 : 40-44), I chose to select a table of muslimah population in city areas and by its age groups then I got  14,656,277 women of 15 – 29 years old who live at cities areas in Indonesia as hypothetically potential hijab market target. It is 14.2 % of total muslimah in Indonesia.

DSC_2338 DSC_2339 DSC_2349 DSC_2340

Larry A. Samovar, Richard E. Porter, and Edwin R. McDaniel wrote that the way muslim women dress is found in Koran which instructs women to cover their adornments. Hijab is a wearing to cover muslimah heads and to draw their veils over their bosoms (Samovar, Porter, McDaniel, 2010 : 130). Hijaber is commonly a muslim woman or community of muslimah wearing hijab. Hijaber can be included as what Shay Sayre mentioned as religious segmentation, a segmentation by religion which addresses spiritual value system (Sayre, 2008 : 128). Malcolm Barnard wrote that fashion is a cultural phenomenon which symbolically ties a community (Barnard, 2007 : 83). Hijabers, as an individual and as a community, are a happening target for a certain marketing for Islam. There are a lot of online shop for hijab. We can find http://www.zalora.co.idhttp://www.uniquehijabs.com, http://www.hijup.com, and a lot more. Hijabers are a good target too for the event such as The World Muslimah Beauty, islamic fashion show, or school/college Islamic talkshow and workshop. We can place sponsorship or our point-of-purchase corners there. One thing about hijabers is that they have an active and strong bond among other hijabers. Networking connectivity, which is called silaturahim/silaturahmi, is one of their spiritual value. If we can have their good experience about our business, we might get a good opportunity to have a voluntary promotion to their connections.

DSC_2335 DSC_2341 DSC_2342

That is my perspective in marketing – consumer behaviour sense about hijab and hijabers. We can see this phenomenon from critical-cultural studies e.g. commodification of hijab or hyperreality of hijab in media. But I admit I’m not good enough to explore about that.

References :

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