Jember Library Book Fair 2012

There is a book fair at Jember public library from November 19th to December 2nd 2012. It sells very cheap books which range starts from Rp 5000 until Rp 40.000 (for some exclusive and very thick books). For your information, US$ 1 = Rp 9300. The book fair is a joint project between The Office of Data and Documentation Library of Jember City with Yusuf Agency from Yogyakarta. Here are some photographs from the book fair and click on each picture for further story and photo technical description.

I had an honour to meet the book fair organizer, Mr Suhartono. Mr Suhartono works at this public library. Along with a short chat with him then I knew that he was the runner-up winner for the World Books Day 2010 and the writer of “Hidupku dengan Buku” (My Life with Books). He told a story about himself, from being a plumber, teaching at a vocational school, writing book, and working at Jember Public Library todays. He also shared an anxiety of how todays children and teenagers are not attracted and inspired anymore to read books. The internet has changed the youngsters style and habit of reading.

Before I went out form the book fair, I bought a book “The Media Diet for Kids”. It’s written by Teresa Orange & Louise O’Flynn, translated by Endah W. Soekarso. This book is about a practical media literacy guide for controlling and educating kids in media consumption such as TV, cellphone, games, and internet. I got it for Rp 20.000.

I hope that the book fair would be more crowded in the next weekend.


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