Unknown Bird – Who Know its Name?


There was two wild birds nested in bushes next to my home at Jember. I, my parent, and our neighbors don’t know the bird species name because we’ve never seen this bird before. They suddenly came up from that bushes in the early of  this November after a  windy heavy rain. We suppose those birds were separated from their flying-migrating group. Those birds were very shy. They always run and hide to the bushes when someone come across the street which is +/- 10 meters from the bushes. We always hardly see them more than 1-2 seconds because they move so quick. Monday afternoon (19/11/2012), when it’s been a week for me to stay in my hometown, I was lucky to get their picture. It was rainy afternoon. I got my camera and I tried not to look at to the bushes directly. I used the Live-view screen of my Nikon D5000, I searched through it whether those birds came out of the bushes, and it worked. It was rainy, cloudy, an hour before the dawn, I used my old and manual 70-210mm tele-lens so the bird couldn’t be seen clearly here because of the low speed, the distorted high ISO, the manual focusing. Maybe anyone can help us to identify and to define this bird species name? Is there anybody know this bird? We thank you in advance if you could help us here.





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