Antiloops Streetwear Studio Session

Tuesday, November 6th 2012, I had an official fashion photo session for the first time at Jakarta. I took photographs of Antiloops Streetwear, a clothing business run by my bestfriend, June Ibrahim (whom was shot in my previous post : June and Budi Studio Session 22/3/2012). There were  Anaya Amaliah and June himself as the models, and also Dedoy as the lighting assistant. Anaya Amaliah is wellknown as a photo model, the host at ANTV, and the MC in Java Jazz Festival. I set the camera stuck on ISO 800, 1/15 s, f/8, WB Incandescent, and overexposure + 1/3.


I used 2 continuous lights (500W and 150W), a silver buffallo paper sheet reflector, and a sheet of golden buffallo paper reflector. We were forced to use a sea blue background because the other colours were red and green which we supposed weren’t suitable for the background. I used the classical/standard fashion photography lighting which is commonly portraying a mid-key and low contrast light characteristic. A slight product brief of Antiloops is :

SES               : B and B+; 17 – 25 years old; male and female.

Price            : Rp 70.000 – Rp 150.000.

Positioning : Free Keep Moving Alive.

For further information about Antiloops Streetwear, you can make a contact with @juneibrahim and @antiloopstees on Twitter; or  and on Facebook.


I believe you could give me any critics about my debut in fashion photography at Jakarta here for my improvement. I would certainly thank you in advance for that.


Thanks very much indeed for Mas June, Mbak Naya, and Mas Dedoy for the giving me opportunity to have their photo session and being a great team to work with.



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