The Mou Way by Gheeto TW

People see he is controversial. Many blame for his arrogance. A lot dislike his confrontational personality. But the world also admits his glorious reputation. His name is Jose Mourinho.

Jose Mourinho is one of the most succesful football coach in the early of 2000s. Since coaching Porto (2003-2004), Chelsea (2005-2007), Inter Milan (2008-2010), and Real Madrid (2011-todays), he always gives trophies to every clubs he’s been leading.  As a leader, Jose or The Special One has a unique style of leadership. For this reason, Gheeto TW wrote him as a case study of leadership in his book “The Mou Way : Insiprasi Kepemimpinan Jose Mourinho” (The Mou Way : an Inspiration of Jose Mourinho’s Leadership).

Daniels, Spiker, and Papa define leadership as a leader-member relations with revealing strategies for leaders and superiors to use in communicating with subordinates for accomplishment of organizational objectives (Daniels, Spiker, Papa, 1997 : 150). And the most effective leadership style in management is the leaders who could maximize both goals of “concern for production” and “concern of people”  (Miller, 2009 : 189). “The Mou Way” consists of 120 Jose Mourinho’s inspirational points in each page and in an easy interpretation those points fit those goals. The is one of the advantage of this book. Gheeto could explain Jose’s leadership here in easy and grounding language. Advantage number 2 is that every inspirational point is started by a case or example of what Jose said, other people statements, and some media text. But there is also a handicap or disadvantage side of “The Mou Way”. Even though Gheeto mentioned that his book was not about a conceptual or theoritical leadership inquiry in his introduction, he failed to make any conclusion about Jose Mourinho leadership himself. He didn’t summarize what he has written in the end of his book. Otherwise, this is a good book recommended for people who idolize Jose Mourinho and the academic ones who want to comprehend deeper about leadership style or leadership communication or public figure – media case.

Gheeto TW (his real name is Gito Triantoro Wicaksono) is a radio presenter in Merdeka station, Suzana station, and Sangkakala station at Surabaya, East Java. He is the coordinator of Reformed Media Centre. He is the writer of Kick ‘n Goal : Melihat Sisi Hidup Manusia Lewat Kacamata Sepakbola, Hidden Killer : Sebuah Konspirasi Atas Nama Dendam, and Sophie & the Dragon.

Book Description : Geeto TW. (2012). The Mou Way : Inspirasi Kepemimpinan Jose Mourinho. Jakarta : Libri.

Reference :

Daniels, Tom D., Barry K. Spiker, Michael J. Papa. (1997). Perspectives on Organizational Communication, 4th ed. Massachusetts, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, New York, California, Missouri : McGraw-Hill

Miller, Katherine. (2009). Organizational Communication : Approaches and Process, 5th ed. Boston : Wadsworth

Now this is about my photographs. It is the first time I make a digital imaging process of my blogpost. Regarding to my room set which is visually too bad and ugly to see, I modified the photograph using Lomo and Orthon special effect in ACDSee Pro 5. Properties are my Dell notebook with some Jose Mourinho’s wallpapers which I searched at and I set ones in fullscreen. Photographed in an ambient lighting condition in my small rent room.


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