The Trip to Tancak Waterfall

Tancak waterfall is one of the nature tourist destination in Jember, East Java. It’s located on Suci Panti village, one of Mount Argopuro’s hill, at about 25 km northwest side of Jember city. It’s on 1000m height of sea level, with 105 meters high from the top of the waterfall to the water pool below ( I have a trip there with Mr Edy, one of the opinion leader in Suci village, his daughter Meme, and my cousin Dihar from Pasuruan.

Firstly, we travelled from Mr Edy’s house by motorcycles to the Mount Pasak hill. We were going through a zigzag road of the green hill. We could see the tiny Jember city from there.


We stopped to the disaster site of huge flood in the January 2006. The flood struck a village and buried it with the huge mud and stones. Now it becomes a small river and a line of big rocks field. Mr Edy said that the flood has buried his grandparent, his cousins, and some more of his relatives. The flood was actually an erosion of the exploited hill that the trees had beed vastly cut for the commercial interest of some corporations.


We then stopped for a while at a pool and a small dam. Mr Edy said that there was actually a dam built by Danone which holds the market share of bottled drinking water in Indonesia with their most famous brand ‘Aqua’ by the mid of 2000s. But then the local society protested Danone since their dam that took the hill’s water fountain had cut the water supply for the local residents of the village and their agro fields irrigation.  That has caused the rice and the vegetable fields dried and could not produce beneficially for over a year. All the farmers were broke for their failed crops. Because Danone and the local government ignored their protest, then they massively destroy the blocks and opened the dam, modified it to become a pool and a river again for. That action leaves a sight of beautiful and green river and forest scenery.


Secondly, we continued the trip on foot after parking our motorcylcles at the last and highest house of the village to the heterogenous forest and the coffee plantations.  It took 2 hours walking to the waterfall. We went through a hot landroad since there wasn’t any high trees otherwise the short plants for around 30 minutes. Then we went through a vast coffee plantation along the way up to the mountain. Then we walked through the bamboos forest that signifies the half-way trip to the waterfall. The trip continued to a few hundreds meters of coffee plantation again before we began to enter a heterogenous rain forest. After 30 minutes walking, we came to the hardest challenge because we had to climb a 50 meters high and 75 degrees cliff. We had to crawl by hanging and stepping on the stones then finally climbed the top of the cliff by hanging to a root of a tree.



A few steps after the cliff, we could see the waterfall from a distance then about 10 minutes from that cliff, we finally arrived to the waterfall. Watching and admiring the scenery of the waterfall and the pool was a kind of a big price for the difficult trip route we had before.


And after taking some pictures on the camera and my cellphone to take some underwater photographs, then came the time for me to go to the very cold pool and stand under the waterfall’s drop and walked around in it (since I can’t swim). Yeach! That was a releaving celebration.

Thanks to Mr Edy, Meme, and Dihar for the trip.




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