Sancaka the Batik Train

Batik is the traditional cloth with a colour design motif  and it’s also as a cultural heritage of Indonesia. It’s usually in a form of textile, but sometimes we could find and see in a modified stuff. In the previous post, I’ve shared you a photograph of batik helmet. Now, it’s another creative innovation of batik development in a bigger form : a train.


It was the new Sancaka train which served Surabaya – Yogyakarta trip. I saw it when I was at Gubeng Station, Surabaya, East Java. There was one train coach painted in a batik motif. It was the dining coach which was exactly in the mid section between the business coaches and the executives ones. I took some photographs of the exterior and the interior sides of that batik dining train coach. A train officer told that the batik coach was launced publically by the mid of July 2012.


Sancaka departs form Surabaya Gubeng station to Yogyakarta Tugu station at 7.00 and 15.00 while on the other hand it leaves from Yogyakarta Tugu for Surabaya Gubeng at 7.15 and 16.00.



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