Al Azhar University of Indonesia Comfest 2012 – The Film Seminar

The communication science of Al Azhar University of Indonesia held an academic practice festival entitled Comfest UAI 2012. The festival were about short film competition, photography competition, and film seminar with the keynote speakers were Joko Anwar and Lala (Sheila) Timothy. The most anticipated occasion of the Comfest was the film seminar which was dominantly a moment of sharing about the Joko Anwar as the director and Sheila Timothy as the producer of their new film Modus Anomali. Joko Anwar previously famous by his work in Janji Joni, Quickie Express, and Pintu Terlarang. Beside both of those cinema persona, it also presented Tika Hasibuhan (finance), Jamal Musta (casting), and Eriek Juragan (still photographer) on the stage.

I try to present you some of the main event of the seminar then I’d try to show some candid photographs. You can click on each photograph for the technical description I applied in the capturing.



The candid ones :



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