Jakarta Opera Gala Concert

I was attending Jakarta Opera Gala Concert on Sunday, April 15th 2012 at Baliroom Hotel Indonesia Kempinski. It was my second time to take a stage photography in Jakarta. The opera concert presented Jakarta Concert Orchestra, Batavia Madrigal Singers, and The Resonanz Children Choir which were conducted by Avip Priatna. It was performing Rainier Revireino (baritone), Farman Purnama (tenor) and special guest star Suzanne Shakespeare (soprano) from Sydney Opera House.

I took the photographs using a varied manual white balance (WB) according to the colors of stage lighting which were constantly switching from a dominant color to another ones. There might be some mistakes I made in setting the WB and we could consider it as a visual failure in photography but I still managed to show you the picture so you may be able to correct or criticize for the better capturing in the future.










An uncountable thanks to Tante Icca Miranti and her wonderful family for inviting me to that precious show.


2 thoughts on “Jakarta Opera Gala Concert

    • Thank you very much indeed. I always try to post at least one article every month here.

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