Chocodot Chocolate

I had a chance to try my friends’ product. He distributes and sells a local chocolate named  ‘Chocodot’. I bought one then I brought it to the studio laboratory to take some picture of it. I only used one 500w halogen/redhead lamp (because it was only one lamp in the campus studio). I placed a metallic paper under the multitable and I asked my friends to hold another metallic paper beside me to reflect the halogen light. I stroke lightly a cooking oil (I asked a spoon of oil to the snack seller outside campus) on the chocolate to reveal a glowing feature of it so that the chocolate looks more yummy, in my opinion.

Thank you for Mas Tryas Diharjo and mas Awal Alvino Mahantoro for helping me in this photo session. Mas Awal, sorry that I destroyed the chocolate and ruined its natural taste by that cooking oil. Yes, honestly it was tasted strange when I ate the ‘modified’ chocolate after the photo session.


Okey Dokey. This is the information : Chocodot is Rp 20.000/pcs (100 gr). You can get Chocodot by making contact with Awal Alvino at 082122044842/08567342847; @AwaLvino ; Pin 2926751B.


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