Siti Inggil – A White Balance Exploration

Taking pictures with a manual mode is something I prefer than setting the camera in an ‘Auto’ or ‘Program’ mode. It trains my skill as well as helping me to be more capable in operating a DSLR. This time I try to represent Siti Inggil (The High Land), one of the spot of Tanjung Papuma beach at Jember, East Java. I took some pictures of this towering hill with various white balance in each frame. We would see here an object can be picturized in some portrayals which would lead us to a preference of sensing a depiction.

I tried to keep a same speed, aperture, and compositional framing with some different white balance sets.  The technical information is available when you click on each photograph.

At the first section, all pictures below are taken with : FL = 18mm; 1/250s; f/11; ISO 200.


For the second section, I try to represent you the ‘Siti Inggil’ with the plants and flowers as the fore ground so that we can examine more on the white balance effect. All pictures were taken with FL = 30mm; 1/250s; f/13; ISO 200.


I’ve been learning to use a manual white balance and until this section allow me to draw a kind of conclusion from what I’ve been learning about the set of white balance on the common DSLR camera.

For further photographs of my experiment using various white balance, you can go to my Facebook photo album Advancing Your White Balance Mastership at :


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