Green Landscape of Garahan Forest

A pathway of Mount Gending, one of the hills in the Gumitir Mountains

The main road of Garahan forest. This road connects Jember and Banyuwangi to Bali.

The rubber forest, next to the main street. This rubber forest becomes the gate to the real jungle of Garahan forest which is under the authority of Meru Betiri National Park

A view of rubber tappings of a tree.

A more close view of rubber tapping.

At about 500 meters going into the rubber forest, we’d find the Jember – Banyuwangi railway.

A local ranch employee came home from collecting grass through the footpath of the rubber forest.

A man riding his motorcycle on the road of Gending mountain forest which directs to the RRI/TVRI relay post. This is the beginning part of the tropical jungle of Garahan forest.

The combination of the natural jungle and the cultivated forest of Garahan forest.

A close view of the wounded rubber tree for the tapping


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