Deny ‘Lou’ Triyono

“The challenge of being a creative worker is how to be free without being selfish”. That was the first quote from a best friend of mine, Deny Triyono. He is a creative and copywriter of an advertising agency at Jakarta. He comes from Yogyakarta, a city of artistic and cultural richness where a lot of creative persons come from.

We met in a kind of reunion at Senayan City, Jakarta, July 10th 2011 ago. He firstly shared about how he and his wife, Bimi, at the moment. We memorized how we lived when we were at Jogja. Smart jokes always came from his intellegent and creatively out-of-box mind. Until came a moment of serious rhetoric with the quote above to express his contemplation about life in an advertising agency.

  “We are the puppets of God’s mysterious narrative conduct”, he continued his philosophical quote.That is what made Deny became a cool-approaching copywriter which he has been working from the mid of 2000, beginning from Yogyakarta then he moved to Jakarta. He and his wife Bimi were the first ever couple I took the pre-wedding photography at Jakarta. Deny has won a 3rd place of Citra Pariwara, an national advertising award, in 2006. A lot of brands and companies advertisements such as Natasha Skincare, Manovel, Sari Sehat have become his portfolio. The latest is a serial project of Mizone advertisement on TV todays.


For my high up hat lift respect and a standing ovation for this admirable best friend of mine, it’s an honour for me to post some photos I took about him in that reunion. Mas Deny, allow me to become a tail of your achievement and popularity. In German it  says : Mas Den, numpang beken ya.


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