Full Moon

At  23th of April 2011, I witnessed a clear full moon in the very early of the morning. So I went up to the top floor then I took some pics of that moon with experimenting capturing it by various White Balance. The first/top moon photograph was taken in the Auto WB. The next pictures are taken in the various WB. Please, click on every photograph for detailed technical information.



You are a beauty
You light up the night
Shinning by your golden face
Slowly moves with grace

You’re somebody
Cherishing the night of kids playing
Witnessing the couple in love
Accompanying a lonely broken heart

You’re an angel
Wandering the sky in silence
Glimpsing at our dreams when we sleep
Being the lamp when all light are turned off

You are a gift
That bridges the twilight of the horizon
Filling our poems with your name
A metaphore of the up and down of our life

You are a wonder
That beutifies or darkens the souls
That lifts or slams our hearts
That paints or scratces our minds
And you will always be the part of our stories

Your name is moon
You are wonderful


Note : When using a cooler WB, the moon face become paler, while using a warmer WB turned the moon looked more yellow and reddish.

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