Muybridge Motion Pictures Simulation

Edward Muybridge was trying to develop photography into what we today call as cinematography. He was doing an experiment by capturing a horse race with his camera and capturing that in every second of its run. The frames were rolled fast then we could see a series of a running horse. At that time, it was called motion photography. Todays, this process is developed to be cinematography or videography for the base of motion pictures or video production.

At this time, I tried to re-simulate what Muybridge did at 1878 by using a digital camera. I did the experiment with the aid of “The Dynamics of ICT” class of Broadcasting program, Al Azhar University of Indonesia. Thanks to Destaria Verani Soe’oed as the victim of the experiment, Fadli Ruslizar as my previewing camera stand, and Junaedi from Communication lab for the continuous halogen light.

References :

Dominick R., Joseph, 2011, The Dynamics of Mass Communication, 11th ed, New York, McGraw-Hill

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