The Batik Story : Introduction

Batik is the traditional heritage of Indonesian fashion tradition. The story said that batik derived from the imperial culture, like Yogyakartan batik and Solonese Batik.  But for the Javanese northern-coastal batik tradition came from the Chinese and developed by the Chinese and the Arabian traders. And this kind of batik that I want to share the photo-story to you.

Batik commonly is categorized in : 1) Printed; 2) Painted; and 3) Dyed. The printed batik is which its cloth printed by a plate made of copper. The painted one is which its motives is hand-painted. The later, the dyed is the kind of batik which its motive comes from the colour mix of previously used batik liquid.

The Coastal Batik are well-known from north-coastal cities such as Tuban, Semarang (Juwana, Rembang, Lasem), and Pekalongan. The motives usually more abstract, those are different from the imperial batik which is dominated by the land/earth-colour, and flora-fauna motives.

Click on each photo for the more story. Thank you and enjoy watching 🙂

For the next, I will tell you the other photo-stories about batik specially related with batik, and I’d share the technical sides of the photographs.


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