Commemorating of Passing 1000 Hits.

Dear every-wonderful-one,

Allow me to tell a bit story about me and photography as my commemoration of passing 1000 hits of this weblog (oops… It’s passed 1100 just now).  I began learning photography since my senior high school. I joined a club called Halcyon Photography, founded by several people of Jember University photography unit and some local journalist.

At 1999, I went to Yogyakarta taking communication science at UGM. I joined Publicia Photo Club (PPC) and got more in falling in love with photography. Then at 2004 I worked for Photography Division, Communication Laboratory FISIPOL UGM as a lab/lecturer assistant until 2008. From that lab also, I started to make this blog to share people my photo documentation since 2007.

I went to Jakarta to continue my study at UI at the same year I resigned from Yogyakarta. Then at 2009 finally I had a digital SLR. So I began more encouraged to post pictures in this blog.

I consider myself that photography is not my job nonetheless as my hobby. I take pictures as I want in the mood, not as I must to. That’s why my photography skills go slow and sometimes decline in its quality. But I will never stop to share my pictures just as a story-telling for you here and receive any criticisms until the day I can’t hand my camera and I can’t post here anymore.

So much a lot of thanks to my parent Pak Poerwanto and Ibu Pudji. To Pak Candra, Pak Setiawan, people of Halcyon, Mas Atenk, Mas Deny, Bang Goen, Mas Indra, Teh Hera, Mas Vindra, Mas Bege, Mas Genthong, Mas Jenggot, Mas Satrio, Mpok Rita, Cik Oky, Pak Caril for your photo lessons. To Mas Anunk, Mas Seno, Mas Ucup, and Mas Kotrex for their photo-design editing lessons. For Mas Zulhan, Mas Wawan, Mbak Yayuk, Cak BKZ for the time of employing me. For Prof Dedy, Pak Tanete for sharing and testing my photography theories and concepts. For Salemba School and Al Azhar people for being my subjects. For Nina Mega, Shanty Kirana, Ida Sekar, Lenni Fika for sharing their beauties on camera and discoursing the pictures. And to the people I often don’t know who they are but I deliberately clicked them into my camera. This blog is always for you as an honour and an enjoyment for everyone. Thank you so very much indeed.

This time I’d like to share you some of my capturing collection in any accidental, deliberate, and projected photographs. Please, click each photo for the story of the pictures.

Best regards. Love, Peace, and Gaoel,

Zakaria L. S.


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