Ondel-Ondel Betawi

Ondel-ondel is a traditional art from Betawi Jakarta which consists of a couple of bride doll and a group of musicians. It’s usually performed in such a festival or ceremonies. But when there’s no festival or ceremonies held, Ondel-ondel is performed as a kind of roadshow by a small group of Betawi people. It moves around alleys of usually low-class settlements to get a bunch of small money.

Last week (February 19th 2011), I accidentally met this art performing around my boarding home. I took some pictures then I found there was a kind of spirit and joy on people even though they might feel sad inside for the economic circumstances they had. Smiles rose on the people’s faces upon the paradox of their daily life. I could see the kids had a moment of totemism to the dolls for their joy among the life of popular entertainment streams on the mass media. Even for a while…



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