World Press Photo 2009

These are some pictures I took from the World Press Photo 2009 at Pasific Place, Jakarta, 2nd January 2010. The exebition was sponsored by Media Group. The photos were taken in modified White Balance in order :

1. To appreciate every photo originality on the displays, beside tagging the photo release on the display to honour the photographers.

2. To give you another “othernesses” to enjoy the warmth of the exebition

Undefinite thanks and hat-rise appreciation to the winners of World Press Photo 2009 πŸ™‚

Heidi & Hans Jurgen Koch, Germany, 3rd Prize – Natural Stories

Steve Winter, USA , 1st Prize – Nature Stories

Callie Shell, USA – 1st Prize People in the News

Howard Schatz, USA – 2nd Prize Sport Feature Stories

Lissette Lemus, El Savador – 1st Prize Daily Single Life

β€’ Jerome Bonnet, France – 2nd Prize Single Portraits

β€’ Pep Bonet, Spain – 2nd Prize Portraits Stories

Sebastian D’Souza, India – Honorable Spot Mention News Stories

Vincent Laforet, USA – 3rd Prize Sport Action


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